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Ancient astronomers felt that the mighty Rahu and Kethu have the strength to eat the sun, thus causing a solar eclipse. Hence it is considered inauspicious to begin any undertaking during this "Rahu kalam". Every day this Rahu kalam lasts for around 90 minutes, but the duration differs according to the length of the time between sun rise to sunset. To calculate Rahu kalam, the time between the sunrise and sunset is divided into 8 units or time-groups, which time-group will have the Rahu kalam depends on the weekday.

You may use the times below if you do not have access to accurate Rahu kal. These times are accurate only if the day lasts for 12 hours, and the sunrise is at 6. You can adjust an approximation according to the sunrise and day length in your area. Days and corresponding timings are as follows: Monday : - Tuesday : - Wednesday : - Thursday : - Friday : - Saturday : - Sunday : - All you need to remember is the phrase?

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Paid Services. It is very difficult to preserve the Panchang for every year. Nowadays, there are various kinds of Panchang available in the world. There are different Panchang for different religion even. The Satabdi Panchang is a great resource to cast the horoscope for years. There different publishers who have published ephemeris for one hundred years.

The Lahiri Indian Ephemeris has few parts. Each part consists of 10 years planetary movement and calculation. The book is written by Dr G S Kapoor. Dr G S Kapoor has written many books on astrology, gemstone and remedial measures in astrology. The book Gems and Astrology, Remedial measures in astrology is quite popular among the savants of astrologers across the world. Learn astrology the easy way a handbook that can be studied by both beginner and advanced student.

The book covers the calculation of Local meantime, Latitude and Longitude and divisional charts, Mahadasha, Antardasha by using Lahiri Indian Ephemeris and table of ascendant. You will never be unhappy if you read this book. I faced many obstacles in the beginning of my astrological career.

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I could not understand how to calculate ascendant, planetary longitudes, Gulika, Mandi, Navamsa, Mahadasha etc. However, I could easily perform these when I started studying self learning course in astrology. This notable book is written by V K Choudhry. It is a highly popular and small book that you can finish within 15 days. It means you can have complete command over mathematical astrology within a short span of time. Hindu Predictive Astrology is one the most popular books among the astrologers for decades.

Dr B V Raman had written this book with greatest acumen. The book is easily understandable.

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It covers many areas of astrology starting from mathematical astrology to advanced predictive technology. The book covers Muhurta, mundane astrology, Varsha Phal, Dasha, transit of the planets etc. You can easily understand the book without even a mentor. This is one the most modern astrological book written in English.

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The text book of Astrology is written by Prof. P S Shastri and published by notable publisher Ranjan Publication. P S Shastri is a leading name in the field of astrology whose articles have been published various news papers and magazines. He has also Ph. D degree in Rigveda, Asthetics, and D. Litt in Indian Philosophy.

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He has authored many astrological books such as Jaimini Sutram, Uttara kalamrita, Brihat Jatak and Rectification of birth time. He has elaborated in an apparent manner about the Value of astrology, astrology and Hindu culture, physics, probability and predictions, astrology, science and superstition, importance of astrology, technical terminologies, Planets and house, divisional charts, casting the birth chart by both traditional Panchang and Ephimeris method, Shadbals, yogas, Dasha systems and Muhurt etc. So to speak, the book is an all in one pack. You might not be eager to hurt your wallet after reading this book.

Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology. The astrologer needs certain qualification to become a phenomenal fortune teller.

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It certainly requires mathematical skills. So to speak, you need to be extremely well versed in the field of mental math. The astrologer must have command over both astronomy and astrology. It is very imperative to understand the movement of the stars and planets in the celestial body. The prolific writer Deepak Kapoor is a leading name in the field of astronomy and mathematical astrology.

He has written the books quite meticulously that has covered the part of astronomico-astrology. As the science of astrology has been divided into two parts i. Ganita Jyotish and Phalit Jyotish, the book has dealt with astronomy that is relevant to astrology such as casting horoscope, solar system, divisional chart, graha balas and Bhava balas etc. Apart from this, the book has explained as to how to calculate Ascendant, Tithi, Yoga and Karan etc. It is a must have book for every modern astrologer. Manual of Hindu astrology is one of the monumental works by notable astrologer Dr.

B V Raman. The book contains the basic and advanced mathematical formula that is required in both casting the horoscope and predicting the human fate. The book has covered the basics of astrology and its terminologies such exaltation, debilitation, Phanphar, tithi calculation , Panchang and time calculation, Latitude and Longitude, Dasha system, planetary friendship and enmity, sun rise and sun set time, Karaks, permanent planetary relationships and many more.

Encyclopedia of remedies is an inevitable modern astrology books for any modern astrologer who is eager to see the betterment of his clients. As you know, it is of no use predicting human fate without remedial measures. The book offers all sorts planetary remedial measured during negative period.

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As a rule, the native comes to the astrologer for various purposes. Some approaches astrologer during bad phase of life and some are in search of more progress in life. The prolific author Yashkaran Sharma has written the book covering multiple aspects of remedial measures. The Encyclopedia of Remedies covers both expensive and inexpensive remedies that can be suitable to the people from all walks of life.

It is very important to have a library on both modern astrology books and ancient astrology books for every astrologer. I have tried my best to give the correct books that can surely develop not only knowledge but also money as a professional astrologer. You can share your viewpoint about the books that are needed in this post. I will surely edit the post and integrate your books.

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